And the results are in…

Here is our post fermentation lab panel results.

And my analysis:

  • Alc 14.37 %%V/V: This is close to what we thought we would get. This is a conversion of 0.58. We seem to vary from 0.57 to 0.59 with our yeast and processing. Next year we gotta pick a little earlier. I really want to amke wine below 14%$. The 2011 syrah is our only wine belwo 14%, and we like it the best!
  • pH 3.80:This is once again very high. It just seems to be what we get. We would like it lower, but we don’t know how. It will be somewhat lower if we pick earlier. We probably have a potassium problem, but we did not have that measured.
  • TA 6.39 g/L: This is a good number. But it is much higher than I expected. We started at 4.65 g/L, and added 0.5 g/L tartaric. So we have an unexplained 1.24 g/L rise in TA. We have something like this each year, but we don’t understand why!
  • Free SO2 7 mg/L: This is fine. Usually we are near zero after ferment and MLF, but this is still low.
  • VA 810 mg/L: This is high. It seems like the sensory threshold is 600-900 mg/L. I haven’t noticed anything, but we will have to be very careful, as this can only go up. Fully sulphited and topped barrels is required. I wonder why this came out so high? There are ways to fix it, but not for homies like us!
  • Glucose + Fructose 190 mg/L (.019%): This is perfect. The wine is dry.
  • Malic acid 70 mg/L: This is well below the 300 mg/L that Vinquiry says is complete…but above the 30 mg/L that others say is complete. We go with Vinquiry!
  • Total SO2 31 mG/L: This is surprising. We have put in 50 ppm at crush. usually there is not much left, even of the toal SO2. the legal limit is 350 mg/L for total SO2.

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